About the Blogger

My name is Karla and this is where I spend most of my free time, typing away, reflecting on life. I am a third grade teacher, wife, and mom to a wonderful pit bull rescue named Boomer. My husband Chris and I are also currently raising four tadpoles, who will hopefully become healthy frogs soon. Yes, we are huge animal lovers.

Chris inspired the theme and aesthetic of this blog, when one night, he randomly uttered, 'The syrup of life and pancakes!' This blog celebrates the sweetness of life, while also embracing the lumps and bubbles that make your favorite pancakes wonderful and hearty. Life and Pancakes hopes to inspire readers to view life like they would a delicious breakfast -- energizing, refreshing, and the right motivation to conquer the rest of the day!

Happy reading!

Blog Series:

grace + pancakes is a series of blog posts centered on faith and spirituality. I am not a religious person, but I find meaningful moments when I reflect on my 'higher self', for lack of a better term. Here, you will find very candid reflections on my ongoing spiritual journey as a self-professed worldly girl.

burpees + pancakes is a series of journal entries on personal health and wellness. I struggle every day when it comes to living a lifestyle that is kind to my mind and body, and this is where I will be documenting my ups, downs, thoughts, and the occasional rant of the unfit.

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