Monday, February 10, 2014

Candle Love: (Semi) Dupe to B&BW Candles

Our household goes through scented candles like a newborn baby goes through diapers. It's an integral part of our home life because we are big fans of pleasant smells. A living room that smells like sweet pea, a bedroom like a frosted cupcake -- these make our house just as fun to live in. Candles are also a great way to beautify any space in your home.

If you are like us, you know that these special candles can be quite expensive. We absolutely love Bath & Body Works candles, but we do not have a B&BW store near us. And let's face it -- B&BW candles are expensive. If you replace candles as often as we do, well, you gon' get broke.

Last year, my Secret Santa surprised me with a candle that looks and works almost exactly like a B&BW candle.

Better Homes and Gardens candles are amazing. I say that they work almost exactly like B&BW candles because the scent of a Better Homes candle actually fills the room like a B&BW candle. One of my pet peeves is when nothing happens after you light a candle. Only Better Homes and B&BW candles actually have that strength in scent that is crucial to making your home smell like your current favorite scent (these days, it's raspberry sangria).

Like I said, they're the same, but not exactly the same. There are two things that make Better Homes and B&BW candles different: their price, and how long they last. Let's start with the price.

Better Homes:


Some of you might argue that B&BW candles have more meat in them, weighing in at 14.5oz as opposed to a 12-ounce, 3-wick Better Homes candle. Here's the thing -- you lose 2.5 ounces, but you end up saving about $16 with a Better Homes candle!

But let's say you get into one of those B&BW candle sales (which I always look out for, by the way; they're pretty awesome), and buy two B&BW candles for $25. That's a great steal, but you can actually buy five Better Homes candles for the same price!

Here's the thing: I bought my candles in-store and they were even cheaper. I only paid $3.97 for each candle. And the best part about that deal was they were actually not 12-ounce candles, but 13-ounce candles.

Let's talk about staying power, or how long Better Homes candles last compared to B&BW candles. Here's the cold, hard truth: Better Homes candles last longer than B&BW candles. So if you're worried that there's less candle in a Better Homes candle than a B&BW candle, well, Better Homes candles still last longer.

The verdict? I call Better Homes a semi dupe to the B&BW candle, only because they are not exactly the same. In fact, from personal experience, Better Homes candles give better overall satisfaction. Walmart, you win. Again.

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