Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Haul: Visiting Our Local Co-op

My husband and I decided to drop by our local natural foods market to grab a few things for the next couple of weeks. Here is a quick rundown/haul of the things we got:

My husband used to work at an Indian restaurant where he pretty much got addicted to chai tea. Chai is a staple in our pantry. Ingredients used in this concentrate are all organically grown and processed.

My mom uses the Earth Balance Olive Oil spread, so I wanted to try something different. This butter is plant-based, 100% vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO -- all wonderful things for everyday butter-on-toast with fruit preserves.

I've been eating a lot of bread lately and wanted to look for a healthier alternative. What makes this bread so different and so much better for you is that it is packed with protein, essential amino acids, tons of fiber, and -- prepare yo'self for this -- zero, yes, zero grams of sugar. Malted barley was used as a sweetener instead. I am definitely excited to give this one a quick toast tomorrow morning.

In all honesty, our household isn't very picky when it comes to all-natural, organic whole foods, but when it comes to our eggs, we prefer organic and cage-free. Why? It tastes a lot better than store-bought eggs. The yolk (or double yolk) is always a deep, almost orange kind of yellow, and it's richer and creamier than regular eggs. Trust me on that. When it comes to eggs, either manage your own chicken coop, or just buy organic.

I love oatmeal in general, but my absolute favorite are steel cut oats. I love the chewiness and creaminess of it. Steel cut oats are high in protein and a great prepare-the-night-before breakfast (it takes about 20 minutes to cook on stove top; totally worth it). I just bought an extra bag because it was cheaper in the co-op than our regular grocery store.

This goes without saying that if chia seeds aren't in your daily regimen yet, start today! I like them more than flax seeds because chia seeds are easier to consume, what with its wonderful gel-like texture when added in anything that has liquid. My oatmeal isn't complete without chia seeds.

I found these beaming at me in the produce section that I just had to get some. I snacked on one this afternoon, and it was perfect! Are oranges already in season?

We are really trying to be more mindful of our eating habits these days. We feel much more at ease when we know exactly what we're putting in our body. I will give a review on the items I will be trying for the first time, so stay tuned. Until then, have a good one!

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