Sunday, February 9, 2014

Green Addiction

The green smoothie and juicing trend is one health fad that I personally love. That's a lot to say from someone who hates eating vegetables as much as I do.

Fun Fact: Did you know that I was once a vegetarian? Not anymore, obviously.

Green smoothies don't just give me my dose of fruits and veggies for the day; this practice also helps me feel less sluggish, which is what I always feel when I don't get enough fruits and veggies in my diet... which used to be almost everyday. I also noticed that it gave me healthier digestion.

There's a whole bunch of green smoothie and juice recipes out there, but I normally stick with these two.

Warning: They can be addicting.

Also, if you are making smoothies, blend all these ingredients with filtered water or coconut water. The amount will be based on your preference for consistency.

This green summer smoothie has a bunch of my favorite summer fruits and veggies. It's refreshing and quite filling. Cucumbers are my favorite veggie to add to any green smoothie to make it taste a lot more palatable. Spinach is my go-to green smoothie base, and also my favorite green leafy veggie of all time. My least favorite portion of this smoothie are the celery stalks. I'm not the biggest fan of celery, but it helps reduce the acidity in my body (I have very bad occasional acid reflux).

Blend all chopped fruits and veggies until smooth. The banana and strawberries add a wonderful sweetness to it.

This next recipe is derived from Hungry For Change, specifically from their 3-Day Detox Plan which I love to use after a week of unclean eating. You can definitely make this into a smoothie instead of a juice, but my blender cannot properly incorporate the fiber from the apples, making it harder to consume. If you have a top-of-the-line blender, this recipe will work great as a smoothie.

I love this green juice because it's simple yet so energizing. Did you know that apples are a great substitute for coffee? This gives me more energy in the morning than a regular cup of joe, believe it or not. My favorite part of this juice is the parsley. I never would have thought of including parsley in a green drink -- reminds me too much of unnecessary garnish -- but it adds the most amazing, refreshing flavor to it, so do not skip the parsley. You can also add lemon juice to this recipe.

Random Green Smoothie and Juicing Tips I've Learned Through The Years:
  • Prepare your smoothie the night before. You can store them in your fridge overnight, grab them in the morning, and go. If you want to prepare it fresh, chop up your fruits and veggies the night before, and blend in the morning.
  • Use frozen fruits for an instantly cool and refreshing drink. I especially love frozen bananas and blueberries.
  • Rotate your greens. I learned this from Raw Family. It has something to do with the alkaloids found in green leafy vegetables. If you consume just kale or just spinach for weeks, these alkaloid levels may accumulate unnaturally in your body. It won't be pretty.
  • Don't use starchy vegetables in your smoothies like broccoli, carrots, beets, zucchini, etc. It will not respond well when combined with the fruit. Although, I think it's different when you juice these starchy veggies, because I do enjoy a juiced beet or carrot.
  • One smoothie equals one meal. Don't take it as a beverage with another meal. Although I think you should not substitute juices for meals, either. There's that fine line between smoothies and juices: Smoothie = meal; Juice = Supplement to a Heathy Meal.
  • Too many ingredients in one smoothie is overkill. Plus, it's going to taste weird. The simpler and fewer ingredients, the better. According to Raw Family, too many ingredients will slow down the absorption of the smoothie in your digestive tract, and may cause irritation and gas. Who wants that, and a horrible tasting smoothie?!
A glass or two of blended/juiced fruits and veggies a day, keeps the doctor and constipation away. Good luck!


  1. I put in a frozen banana, some pineapple chunks, spinach, kale (or since there's not much of them here, pechay), mint, some ginger and lemon, and coconut water in mine.

    I took it from my favorite Vegan chef who just has a great book I may have mentioned once or twice. She also has a blog up that has a few things worth looking at.

    1. That sounds really amazing! What is the English version for pechay?