Monday, March 3, 2014

Should I do the Master Cleanse?

I'm not a fan of fad diets. I tried a bunch of them in the past, and they never gave me the results I wanted. The best way to achieve physical health and wellness is still through consistency, that is, with a consistently healthy diet and a consistently active lifestyle.

I have to admit that I can't even remember a time when I had this consistency. I never had any problems with weight. I grew up on the skinnier end of things, so I never really saw the point in practicing a healthy lifestyle. I've always had a pretty high metabolism and I was never overweight...

...until now.

I always tell my newly engaged friends, beware of marriage! It makes you fat! I would associate too much happiness from my marriage with my recent weight gain.

But let's be honest -- it's all a bunch of meaningless excuses. 

Lately, I've been toying with the idea of doing the infamous Master Cleanse -- also known as the lemonade diet. For ten days, you are only allowed to consume liquids. It is believed that the Master Cleanse aids in releasing toxins, and of course, a surefire way to lose weight.

I have several friends who have not only done the Master Cleanse once, but several times over the years. 

I also have some friends who were unsatisfied with the results, while also finding the whole process unnecessarily traumatizing. Think fainting spells, dehydration, and just downright going crazy kind of traumatizing.

Although there is no scientific evidence that the Master Cleanse detoxifies the body, there is definitely immediate weight loss involved. A friend of mine who only lasted five days, lost ten pounds. I've also heard of people who had successfully gone through the entire ten days and lost a total of twenty pounds! 

It's pretty crazy, and everyone knows this amount of weight loss in a span of only five, even ten days, isn't the ideal or healthy way to lose weight.

But these stats make going through the process so freaking tempting!

Someone told me that I should ask myself first what I wanted to get out of the Master Cleanse. My answer is plain and simple: I want to lose weight. And although I know that the Master Cleanse isn't the end-all-be-all of weight loss (a researcher even said that you are guaranteed to gain weight after the cleanse is over), I think it could potentially be a great way to kick start the consistency I need in my life to achieve optimal wellness. After all that hard work, sweat, and tears from a ten-day liquid diet, it would be hard not to try and maintain the results you've just gained. Otherwise, what a waste!

I'm still very unsure about doing the cleanse. I have about three weeks to decide, as I plan to do this during spring break when I don't have to be anywhere else but home... near a toilet. TMI.

What are your thoughts on the Master Cleanse? Have you done it before? Will you recommend it?

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