Saturday, March 29, 2014

Five Things: YouTube

California home decor inspiration in a 24-minute video! Ingrid Nilsen (also known as missglamorazzi on YouTube), shared her much awaited apartment tour this afternoon. Her new home was transformed by the talented girls of A Fab Life. It turned out modern yet very welcoming, with wonderful beachy elements and personality touches. I'm impressed. All 24 minutes are worth watching.

2. 10-ish Reasons It's Cool to Be a Hufflepuff

Kristina Horner shares why Hufflepuffs should be proud of the mark of the badger! My husband and I got sorted in House Hufflepuff at Pottermore. Although I originally wanted to get sorted in House Ravenclaw, I was still happy and insanely proud to be a Hufflepuff, because I never identified myself with Gryffindor or Slytherin. My husband, on the other hand, wasn't such a happy camper. It took a while to convince him of the awesomeness that is House Hufflepuff, which Kristina perfectly sums up in this video.

3. Emmy Made in Japan

I first discovered Emmy Made in Japan via Byron Talbott's How to Make a Macaron Gift Box video. Emmy taste tests viewer-sent treats from all over the world, and has a fun penchant for Japanese candies. She also features homemade cooking and great advice for a balanced, healthy lifestyle. She is definitely my all-time favorite YouTuber so far.

4. Sexual Abuse, Consent, and Culture

It was a shocking past few weeks for the Wizard Rock community, the details of which I won't mention on my blog. Hank Green of vlogbrothers made this insightful video in response to these recent events, and even if you are not familiar with what's been going on, this piece is still worth your 4 minutes.

5. Do You Love Me Too by Tessa Violet (feat. Rusty Clayton)

My favorite duet and musical collaboration on YouTube. Watch out for the magical trumpet solo at 1:29.

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